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I have been on here many times looking for a solution to my sons bedwetting. We have finally found a solution so i wanted to post here to maybe help others.
My son will be six in May and had only 4/5 dry nights in his whole life. It did not bother him until he was about 5.5 when he started to ask when would his wees stop sneaking out at night and saying he wished they would stop. He always wore night time pull ups and they would always be wet in the morning. We did restrict drinks from 4pm each day and he would always wee at least 2/3 times between 6-8pm.
I asked my local health nurse what is recommended and was told it was not seen as a problem until he was seven and he will probably dry up himself and it was very common in boys his age.
I brought him to my GP just to make sure there was no medical issue and was told all was ok. I told my GP I was thinking about getting a bed wetting alarm, my GP advised there was no harm in giving it a go.

I bought the Roger bed wetting Alarm after reading many many reviews of alarms and felt that it was the best one for us. Here is how it went.
For the first 7-10 nights my son wet 2/3 times most nights and had 1 dry night. 10.30/11pm(alarm would sound and we would change underwear to spare one), 2/3am(alarm would sound again, remove underwear and back to bed with no underwear as only two come with it) and he would also be wet in the morning. He slept through the alarm and only woke when he was woken by us. We always got him to go to the toilet to see if he had any more wee to do.
On nights 10-20 he wet 1/2 most nights with 2 dry nights. but as we reached nights 15-20 it went to once per night and he wet much later in the night. So now we were 3 weeks into using the alarm and I was honestly loosing heart and very tired but was determined to keep going at the same time as we were seeing an improvement from wetting 3 times a night and he was reacting to the alarm going off by waking before we woke him. He also started getting up himself at night to do wees which he never ever did before so something was beginning to register with him that he needed to go
What we started doing for nights 20-40 was that we woke him when we were going to bed at 10.30-11.30 and he got up to do a wee. Some nights he did a little wee, some none and some lots, BUT in he was dry for the rest of the night. He also got up himself during the night to do wees which was a big thing and most importantly he was SO delighted with himself at being dry
For the past 4-5 nights we have stopped waking him but he is now getting up himself to do wees during the night and is dry. He is so delighted with himself and so proud that he as conquered it. We set targets of 5 dry night to get a reward, then another 5 nights and then 10 which worked great too.
I know this is very long winded but I just want others to know my story as it might help. I dont think we would have ever gotten to where we are now if we had not bought the alarm.


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