Frequently asked Questions about Bedwetting Alarms

Are all alarms the same?

Yes they are all Rodger bedwetting alarms.

How long does this bed wetting alarm take for the child to be dry at night?

Long term dryness, on average, takes 32 days.

Do bedwetting alarms actually wake up deep sleeping children?

Children are deeper sleepers than adults. Initially some children may not wake up to the sound of the alarm. These children may need some help from their parents to encourage them to tune into the sound of the alarm when sleeping. This is part of the process of training them to independently wake up in response to a full bladder.

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How do I keep my child motivated throughout the learning to stay dry at night process?

Keeping records by using the stickers and calendar supplied with the alarm is a very good way of illustrating progress to a child, who feels that they are not progressing after a few weeks of using the bed wetting alarm. Encouragement is the best motivator, and all steps of learning should be congratulated or rewarded. Even if they are wet and still get out of bed to go to the toilet, they should be complimented on their good behaviour. Learning is a staged process and its important for the parent to recognise the stages as they are learned by the child and reward them for it.

What if bed wetting reoccurs after a few months of stopping use of the alarm?

Resume use of the alarm, explaining to your child that it’s not a form of punishment, but a way of reminding his body how to respond to a full bladder. Normally the process to prevent your child from wetting the bed is much faster the second time around. Often only a week or two will re-establish permanent dryness.

What do I do about sleepovers during night time toilet training?

There are several options available. A disposable pants, discreetly used, is an obvious option for a younger child. You can also use medication such as DDAVP which provides a short term solution to dryness.

Are all bedwetting alarms the same?

No, bed wetting alarms vary widely. The Rodger bed wetting system has two unique advantages.

  1. The moisture sensor is integrated into the underwear, which triggers the alarm at the very first sign of wetness. This is a vital feature which enables the child to learn the skill of independently responding to a full bladder by waking. The integrated sensor is not triggered by sweat.
  2. The Rodger alarm system is wireless, so you can be very assured of their safety while asleep, there is no danger of the child disconnecting the alarm in their sleep in response to the alarm going off.

How loud is the alarm?

Our alarm system is 90 decibels. The average adult wakes up in response to 40- 45 decibels. The bedwetting alarm can usually be heard in a nearby bedroom.

How do I know when to stop using the alarm?

After 14 nights of consecutive dryness, you can then deploy the bed wetting alarm every second night for a fortnight. If dryness is achieved during the final two week intermittent use, then congratulations are in order for the parent and child. Your child is now dry at night!

If you have any further questions on this bed wetting solution, please email: info@stopbedwetting.ie