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Congratulations on purchasing the Rodger bedwetting alarm system, which is the most effective bedwetting alarm system in the world. Please be sure to also read the instruction booklet to get the best results from your product. Already this system has helped hundreds of children to stay dry at night, including my own child. Bedwetting affects 10-20% of children, so is therefore a very common problem, but not to worry, by using this alarm the rule of averages would suggest that your child will be dry in around 30 nights

How the Alarm Works

Bedwetting is caused by a slight neurological underdevelopment in bedwetting children which translates into them not receiving the ‘bladder is full’ message loud enough when they are asleep. Children who suffer from bedwetting normally don’t have this problem during the day. The alarm will augment the message from the bladder to the brain, after 30 nights your child should be able to respond to a full bladder by waking up and going to the toilet without the alarm. The challenge is to get the child to recognise that their bladder is full when they are asleep and then to respond to that message by getting out of bed and going to the toilet. Please state this to your child every evening so they know what learning is required of them. A combination of the child’s motivation to stay dry combined with consistent application of the alarm by the parents is what drives success.

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A very good habit to get your child into is in the evening is to Pee – rest for 45 minutes – then pee again just before going to bed.  This has the effect of emptying the bladder before sleep. Just before the child goes to sleep, explain to them that they are to wake up and go to the toilet (whether they need to or not, developing the habit is what’s important) when they hear the alarm. Trigger the alarm by placing the transmitter studs across the metal strip on the wall mounted alarm. This has the effect of priming the child to wake at the sound of the alarm, you may need to help your child to wake in response to the alarm for the first few nights. Over the next few weeks you will see the wet patch in the bed getting smaller and smaller until it disappears altogether. Please deploy the bedwetting alarm until your child has 14 consecutive dry nights. Once this is achieved, please hold onto your alarm as a relapse is possible and the alarm can be put to use again. Second time around it takes only a few nights to cure the bedwetting.


All electronic equipment is guaranteed for 2 months and I will replace if necessary. Most problems are solved by replacing the battery in the transmitter with a high quality battery from a reliable source. Underwear isn’t guaranteed, however the studs can detach due to excessive urine as urine is very corrosive. If the transmitter goes in the washing machine, you will need to replace it. Extra underwear can be purchased on my website in packs of 2 and extra transmitters are also available to purchase.
We will be surveying you in a number of months to see how you got on with the alarm and your feedback will be very helpful to help other children to stay dry at night. On that note, if the alarm’s cures your child of bedwetting then please tell your friends and family, but in confidence of course. Bedwetting makes children feel miserable and the more children we can cure, we make the world a happier place for children that wet the bed.

Paudie Barry

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