Press release: Irish TV Show Boosts Sales of Rodger Bedwetting Alarms, Ireland’s official distributor of Rodger bedwetting alarms, has seen a huge jump in sales after the new Rodger Wireless Bedwetting Alarm System was featured on TV3’s reality series Boost Your Business. In one day, the company sold as many alarms as they would normally sell in a month.
Boost Your Business showcases local businesses, business owners and inventors. According to Paudie Barry, owner of, he began selling Rodger bedwetting alarms after they successfully stopped his child’s bedwetting in only five days. The alarm has a 95% success rate and helps the average child stop bedwetting in 32 days. According to Renee Mercer, owner of—the official US distributor of Rodger bedwetting alarms, “We’ve always been very impressed with Rodger alarms. They’re durable and easy for families to use. The Rodger Wireless is the most popular wireless bedwetting alarm we carry, and the Rodger Clippo is quickly becoming one of our most popular wearable bedwetting alarms.”
By age 5, only 80% of children have stopped wetting the bed. The spontaneous remission rate for bedwetting is only 15% per year, meaning that if your child is currently wetting the bed there is an 85% chance they still will be a year from now. “The Rodger bedwetting alarm teaches children to respond appropriately to a full bladder at night… by waking up and going to the toilet,” says Paudie.

The Rodger Wireless offers two main advantages. 1.) Each alarm comes with two pairs of unisex briefs that have moisture sensors woven into the fabric. The alarm will sound at the first drop of urine, conditioning the child’s brain to respond to the feeling of a full bladder. 2.) Because the alarm is wireless, the child will have to get out of bed to turn the sound off and can’t simply unplug it then fall back to sleep.
The Bedwetting Store is America’s one-stop shop for bedwetting items and waterproof bedding. They have helped tens of thousands of children—and adults—since their start in 2000. They are now the largest distributor of enuresis related products in the United States. The Bedwetting Store is proud to serve the millions of families who seek information and practical solutions to help children stop wetting. They feature a wide assortment of quality products at discounted prices. You’ll find their information at your child’s pediatrician’s office, in many popular parents magazines and on the Web, of course. Just ask your child’s health care provider about the Bedwetting Store. If they specialize in treating childhood wetting, they’ll likely recommend one of their products.

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