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Bedwetting is a very big stressor for both children and parents alike. It dramatically reduces the child’s confidence and incurs acute anxiety around sleepovers. For parents, it adds unscheduled laundry chores to an already busy day. Despair not, help is at hand on the Irish website www.bedwettingalarm ie, as recently seen on TV3 and recommended by Ireland’s leading pediatric consultant, Dr Sami Ahmed.

How it Began

About 12 months ago a Cork family were going through the problem of one of their children wetting the bed. They searched the internet for a solution and came across a website offering the Rodger bed-wetting alarm system, so they decided to give it a try. “The alarm cured the bed-wetting permanently in 5 nights. The child’s confidence levels increased and there is no more anxiety around sleepovers. As a parent, I was so impressed with the results that I decided to buy the Irish franchise for the Rodger bed-wetting alarm system in order to sell it here in Ireland.”

Proven Results

Having conducted an independent survey on over 200 of our own Irish customers, we found that 98 per cent of our customers’ children were dry at night after using the Rodger Bedwetting Alarm System within a three-month period.

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How it Works

This unique bed wetting training aid is completely wireless, so it cannot be accidentally disconnected during sleep. The moisture sensor is woven into the system’s underwear so the alarm is guaranteed to go off at the precise moment the first few drops of urine are released. The system works by reinforcing the body’s natural ‘bladder is full’ message with the sound of an alarm. After a few short weeks, the child learns to wake up and goes to the toilet in response to a full bladder, without the aid of the bed wetting alarm.

Problem Solved

Studies have shown that children’s confidence levels dramatically increase after using the Rodger bedwetting alarm to teach them to stay dry at night, which has an over 95% success rate.